I work from home and no longer feel guilty as my baby is sat with me instead of in the bouncer.
LapBaby has been a revelation for me and my family – mealtimes especially are so much more enjoyable.

LapBaby arrived today and its really comfortable and easy to use. My son loves being in it and the lap cloth is really clever. Its made mealtimes so much easier for our family.
I look after my granddaughter occasionally and feel much more confident knowing she is secure on my lap.

Fantastic product and really makes being out and about eating etc much easier when you can literally strap the little one in!! My baby really likes sitting up and looking around all the time at the moment so this makes it a lot easier for her to be able to do that and still have my hands free- I also real like the little clip to clip a toy to for her to play with. Really glad I purchased this- it comes everywhere with me!
Such a great piece of baby kit!! I couldn't wait to start using it and it has proved so useful for my baby who can nearly sit by herself but doesn't like being in her high chair for any lengthy periods (like whilst we eat dinner). It's so easy to use - was able to balance my baby on my lap whilst holding her with one hand and attach the belt with my other hand. She loves sitting at the table with us (at home or in cafes) and the belt will be useful for some months to come! The addition of a wipeable and washable napkin is ingenious as is the toy loop which we've attached her teether to. The belt makes reading time more fun too as our hands are free to hold the book for her and she can turn the pages and lift the flaps.

It arrived today and I love it! I just wish I'd had one when my son was younger. It's so easy to use, great quality and my daughter was very happy sitting in it straight away. It's very comfortable too. I'll be buying one for all my pregnant friends!
Love love love this, it's a lifesaver. You can tell a mum invented it as the details are superb - the clip to attach it on to your changing bag, how compact it is, the fact you can attach a toy and also the fold out apron when weaning. Let alone how easy it is to use! It's definitely in my top 5 must haves.

I am a disabled mom and I bought LapBaby to help me with my 4 month old. It's a great product, it allows me to carry my daughter on my lap in my wheelchair without the risk of her falling and using my two hands to push me. In the world of disability it is THE product that was missing and I think that will be extremely useful to any mums who use a wheelchair. My husband is also using it at the table with us or with friends, and is also very happy. Thank you for this great invention. ~Floriane , 29, of France