It is important to us that all of the fabrics used in LapBaby are free from harmful chemicals and allergens so that they are soft and gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. LapBaby's fabrics have been fully tested and approved in accordance to EU Safety Standards and REACH Regulations. 
The following warnings are displayed on the product itself and on the instruction leaflet:
WARNING: Fall hazard - only to be used when sitting.
WARNING: Ensure that all buckles and restraints are fastened securely.
WARNING: Do not use until infant can support its own head.
WARNING: Do not use if you feel sleepy. If you feel sleepy remove infant immediately.
WARNING: Do not over tighten or restrict infant’s breathing.
WARNING: Take care when leaning forward or bending not to crush infant.
WARNING: Be aware of obstacles, sharp objects, hot drinks and small parts within infant’s reach.
WARNING: If infant shows signs of discomfort, unbuckle immediately.
WARNING: Never use as a substitute for seat belts in an automobile or other forms of transport.
WARNING: Keep out of reach of infants and children when not in use.