Introducing Lapbaby - The world's First baby seat-aid

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Easy to fit, lightweight and comfortable. The LapBaby is a dime for days out, and travelling.

A first-rate, extendable, wipe-clean lap cloth (detachable and machine washable).

Multitalented ‘clip’ to attach toys, dummy, etc.

Introducing LapBaby

How to Use LapBaby

Instructions for Use

Step 1

Sit down, fasten main belt around adult waist and tighten securely. Ensure product is the correct way up.

Step 2

Open front belt and place baby in seated position on adult lap. Swivel belt to position baby’s left arm in line with the join.

Step 3

Holding baby, place front belt across its torso under the arms and fasten to the velcro. Check baby’s left armpit is snug to the join.

Step 4

Fasten the small buckle and gently tighten to secure, ensuring baby’s breathing is not restricted.

I work from home and no longer feel guilty as my baby is sat with me instead of in my bouncer.

Susan Ryke

LapBaby had been a revelation for me and my family - mealtimes especially are so much more enjoyable.

Jennifer Knights

I look after my granddaughter occasionally and feel much more confident knowing she is secure on my lap.

Ian Richardsons