About Us

Chloe Roberts founder of LapBabyHi, I’m Chloe and I’m so incredibly excited to bring LapBaby to the market after two years of researching, prototyping, safety testing and seeking advice from industry experts and fellow mom-preneurs! 

I came up with the idea for LapBaby 2 years ago whilst on maternity leave with my first child. I hand-sewed a very early prototype and found myself using it so much that I knew I had to develop the idea!

My friends placed orders as soon as they witnessed me eating and relaxing at our get-togethers handsfree, while they all struggled with one arm wrapped around baby, the other chasing food around a plate. I used the prototype on a flight to Greece and the whole experience was so much more enjoyable as I could read and entertain my daughter throughout using both hands! 

Mums and grandparents are always approaching me in restaurants asking where they can buy one.....my husbands 'eureka’ moment was when he realised he could use it to play the Xbox! 

Whether you are trying to eat your lunch, work from home, do an on-line shop, wean your baby, play with another sibling or just hang out with your friends, EVERYTHING is so much easier with LapBaby!

It's suitable from 3 months, takes 2 seconds to put on, and is light and portable so you can fit it in your baby bag or under your buggy. It's also free from harmful chemicals and allergens so is perfectly soft and gentle on your babies sensitive skin.

Basically where I go, LapBaby goes and since I’ve had my second child the product has become an absolute necessity, especially at mealtimes. The BEST thing of all is that our babies experience the natural close contact they LOVE, and get to take part in what we are doing!

I've added some features too:- a strap to attach a toy, teether or soother (no more dropping them on the floor!) plus an extendable, waterproof (detachable & machine washable) lap cloth to protect your clothes from any mess.

Thank you

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the mums and dad’s who responded to my early facebook posts and helped me with size testing and feedback. Also a  big thank you to my wonderful NCT friends (you know who you are) for your continued help and support. We created the photos and videos with no budget, just friends and beautiful babies! Finally a special thank you to Bang Creations, Claire Pullinger, James@BoboBuddies and Jane Johnstone for your invaluable help and advice to date.

The day I stopped having to ask my husband to help cut up my Sunday roast was a happy one…xx